​Janice Paul, M.A.
​Professional Intuitive

​​​​​​​​​Your Soul Voice Connection (SVC)​​

Provides you with:

​*Your Spiritual Purpose in Life
*Your Strengths
​*Any weak areas and how to improve these areas,

​Your Soul Voice Connection (SVC) is channeled information received by connecting to your energy through your first and last name.  As your SVC is channeled, it is typed into a document and when completed it is emailed to you. The process takes approximately 1 hour. 

​​​Stillness (5 sessions)

Provides you with: 

*A series of 5 energetic, healing sessions
​*Session notes including date, time and work energetically focused upon and,
​*A channeled message for each session

​Stillness is a series of 5 sessions, for 5 consecutive days, 15 minutes per session,  in which energetically I focus upon your body and life. Please let me know which areas, you are requesting the energetic healing to be focused upon.  For each of the sessions, you will receive the session notes via email, which include the date, time, work energetically focused upon and a channeled message specific to you. This process is to help you by opening up, enchancing or upgraduing your own healing channel so you can work towards healing yourself.

Please send me picture of yourself, prior to starting the work and a response at the end of each of the session, as to your progress.

Self Energetic Cleansing (SEC)

​This session is to work on you, to remove and then, cleanse blocked energy, regarding your feelings about yourself. The goal is to identify your blocked feelings/s and to help improve your self-esteem. This work is done through focused intention and prayer.  Channeled information provided to you will include: blocked feeling/s which is/are impacting your feelings about yourself and, specific channeled suggestions as to how to continue to work on cleansing these blocked feelings. 
You will be provided via email with a document which includes date, time of session, length of time of session and your channeled information. The session takes approximately 1 hour.
Please provide me with your first and last name,  a picture of you and your email address.

Relationship Energetic Cleansing (REC)

This session is designed to work on you and your partner or signficant other to remove and then, cleanse blocked energy, regarding your relationship and its impacting upon it. The goal is to identify these blocked feelings and to help to work towards improving your communication. This work is done through focused intention and prayer. Channeled information provided to you and your partner will include: blocked feeling/s which is/are impacting the relationship and specific channeled suggestions as to how to continue to work on cleansing these blocked feeling/s.
You will be provided via email with a document which includes date, time of session, length of time of session and your channeled information for both of you. The session takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. 
Please provide me with both you and your partner's first and last name, a picture of both of you and your email address.


Your Message
Janice Paul, M.A.
​My Professional Career In Mental Health
​My graduate degree is in counseling psychology and I have been a mental health professional for 28 years. My professional  positions held include: Senior Clinician,  Mental Health Screener, Family Counseling Specialist, Therapeutic Custody Mediator, Director of Family Crisis Intervention Unit, College Professor, Mental Health Professional, Clinical Member of the Critical Incident Team (responder to 9/11 World Trade Center Attack), Clinical Quality Compliance Auditor, Director of Clinical Quality Compliance and Clinical expert for television and radio shows. The clinical settings worked in include: hospital emergency rooms through Psychiatric Emergency Services, inpatient psychiatric hospital unit, outpatient mental health centers, Superior Court of New Jersey, private practice, several colleges, television and radio stations in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

​Discovering My Intuition

​Throughout my professional career, I started to research intuition in an attempt to understand my intuitive abilities. I did not discuss this part of myself with people, other than some of my closest friends. In November 2015, I contacted  Dr. C. Norm Shealy,-Founder, CEO, National Institute of Holistic Medicine, after watching one of his You Tube videos on Energy Medicine.  I thought he might be able to assist me in understanding and interpreting my intuitive abilities.

 "C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., is a neurosurgeon and one of the world's leading experts in stress and pain managment. He holds 10 patents, has published over 300 articles and 25 books. He founded the Shealy Institute in 1971, a center for therapy and research of chronic pain. The center was the first, comprehensive, holistic clinic in the country for the management of depression, migraine, fibromyalgia, and back pain. He has helped to bridge the gap between holistic medicine and tradtional Western medicine to allow individual's to take responsibility for their own health." 

Dr. Shealy responded to me and agreed to test my intuitive abilities with some of his patients.  After testing my abilities, Dr. Shealy agreed to endorse my services and on December 26, 2015, introduced me on his E-news to his audience.  From there, he started monthly teleconferences with me and agreed to have me submit weekly channeled E-news articles for publication through his newsletter. 

 On August 18, 2016, he tested my healing abilities through his clinic in Missouri, using one of his patients connected to an EEG..  He had me focus healing energy on the patient, while the patient was connected to an EEG and recorded the results. Dr. Shealy had the patient's baseline EEG results completed first before I focused my healing energy. There was 15 minutes for the baseline EEG  and then 15 minutes as I was focusing the healing energy upon the patient. I had not known the patient was only told the name, right before I started focusing my healing energy upon him.  The results of the baseline EEG results and the EEG results from the focused healing energy are on the website. There is a difference between the baseline and the focused healing energy EEG's, which indicate the ability to create healing energy changes, remotely.


​​​​"Janice is the only intuitive I know who has the unique ability to give you your personal spiritual Life Purpose. ​It is a powerful tool for ​growth.   ​She is a talented Spiritual Advisor and Healer who provides outstanding advice and has proven to be able to produce EEG changes from a distance."​ 

​C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD; Founder and CEO, International Institute of Holistic Medicine
​Co-founder, American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition
​Editor, Journal of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine
​Tiwehkt, Native American Church of Nemenhah
​President, Holos Energy Medicine Education
​Professor Emeritus, of Energy Medicine, Holos University Graduate Seminary


​"Janice Paul is authetic, deeply connected,  and is assistive in ways that are profound and resonant. Her readings are dense, layered with meaning, and speak of truth. They have helped me immensely, and will continue to do, so."

​Bill Bennett-Filmmaker

https// second trailer of upcoming movie-PGS-Intuition is your Personal Guidance System


​"What is a Soul Voice Connection? It is the dance of your soul bowing before you. Although mystics tell us that all of time exists simultaneously in the present, a message from your soul, via Janice, gives you exactly what you need to understand at this moment in time.  It is a gift for your highest good and from your highest essence to unlock this moment in time into the fullness of being.  It is given directly but gently, intuitively but with deep knowledge, and peacefully but with the power to activate what is latent within you or incompletely expressed by your ego.  I have had the privilege to experience not only my own Soul Voice Connection from Janice, but have been blessed by the trust of others to read their Soul Voice Connection and Restorative Truth messages.  I have been stunned by their accuracy, their simplicity, their loving kindness, and their uncanny ability to delineate the first step to be taken to enable one's soul to more fully dance here and now through you. Don't hesitate! Give this gift to your self and from Your Self."

​Judy Zimmerman, LCPC
​M.A. Education
M.A. Counseling
​Certificate in Analytical Psychology

​"I am speechless. This was like having my soul laid bare in the most loving way possible.  I read about things within me that I had no idea any other soul had a a clue about! I had to bring Sassie & Max and come into the bedroom that we occupy as it was so astounding. And yet, the voice was absolutely cells and soul have been starving for the want of this.  My term is, 'the peace of God which passess all understanding'.  It is absolutely vital and necessary for me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It was a sudden but wanted and needed return to truth.  A healing if you will.  I found my direction and now know what my focus needs to be. I did send the monies you charge.  Worth every bit and so very much more!  With every blessing and much gratitude, Karen."

​Karen W.

"I worked with many alternative medicine practitioners, therapists and healers, nobody as gifted, accurate and generous as Janice. It is so rare and precious when an intertwined process of understanding our life purpose, emotional and physical healing is offered. At a personal level I never felt more validation or better understood in my entire life, not to mention all coming from a person thousands of kilometers away who knew nothing about me. It is almost impossible for me describe the great sense of freedom, harmony and direction that I got from Janice's sessions at a time of unbearable stress in my life. I wish I have the power to do justice to what I felt after her first session. It was morning where I live and when I opened my eyes I felt the way I used to feel as a kid. I found myself sincerely trying to bring to the surface that stress again and I wasn't able to. It was replaced by a deep awareness of freedom and joy. The day felt almost infinite the way they used to feel when I was young when all that really mattered was a sense of wonder and play, of experiencing every moment through curiosity, joy and lack of any fear. I felt so free and hopeful, at peace with life and at the same time deeply moved. And I can't think of something more precious to be gifted with. Much gratitude Janice."

​M. Lurescu

​"Janice Paul sent healing energy my way as I went through chemo recently for recurrent breast cancer.   I believe her work helped lessen some of the side effects and helped the chemo and my body fight the cancer.  I am not home free, but the encouragement which came through the channeled messages she shared with me strengthened my faith and gave more more hope.  Some of the messages were spot on, including one which referred to the importance of three sentences I use as an affirmation in meditation-I had not shared that with Janice prior to her message-and others which keyed into my personality and aspects of my life.  I believe she is one of God's light workers-as we all can be if we open ourselves to His will."

​Chan M.

​"I gained hope for the first time in months. I also felt understood and validated.  My change was internal; I gained insight and became more positive in my outlook as well as proactive in behavior indicative of creating a positive self-fulfilling prophecy.  As a result, I have been happier.  I recently received word that my school loan payment estimate will be affordable, not hindering my ability to afford cost of living.  However, my estimate went from 70% of my monthly income to 12%, so that is an enormous difference."

Christopher Diviaio, LCSW

​"I have been working with Janice Paul, since the end of September 2016 to mid January 2017 for several health problems. First and foremost was the issue of spinal stinosis and the resulting problem of falling down because a portion of the disintegrating discs were pinching a nerve in the lower portion of my back. This made the nerves running down both sides of both legs, numb.  The numbness in turn, caused me to fall down.  I sought help from a  number of orthopedic physicians and neurologists.  None of whom recommended surgery-only cortisone injections into the spine.  I had a negative reaction to these injections and had to stop taking them.  I was then given pain medication to take orally.  Again, I had a negative reaction to the pain medication.  I was at a loss to find a way to help myself. I worked with acupuncture and yoga therapists...but when I attended a lecture by Dr. Norm Shealy, his recommendation was to contact Janice Paul. It has been a blessing to me to have the healing energy she transmits to me daily. I no longer have the intense back pain.  I no longer has the numbness in either of my legs.  I no longer fall down. I no longer take pain medication. I do still take yoga to maintain the mobility I cherish. The second problem was one with Urinary Tract Infections which I have been having for the past 6 years.  One period of time I was on antibiotics for 2 years.  This of course, caused other problems with my immune system and the gut flora, even thought I took special probiotics to help out.  Eventually, I went to enough urologists that I got a diagnosis of Intercistal Cystitis and am taking a different medication to help the bladder stop the spasms which cause me to have to use the bathroom 6 to 7 times a day.  Again the healing energy Janice Paul has provided to me daily has helped me regain my confidence about leaving the home (and bathroom) to go back out into the world and take care of everyday chores and activities.  This is help that I did not find from the physicians I visited during the past 6 years.  Janice Paul was also instrumental in helping my little Maltese, heal after exploratory surgery.  The 15 stitches left the stomach area were angry, red, and sore.  In 4 days she was up on her feet and ready to eat her regular food.  She does not bother the area where the stitches are and is healing very well.  Janice Paul's diligence and concern in using her healing power to heal me and mine get through very difficult health experiences has been a "miracle" to me.  I am very grateful to Janice Paul and to Dr. Norm Shealy for giving back a "healthy otucome" to these problems."

​Carolyn Herda

​"Hi Janice, First of all, thank you very much for this experience.  I like the meditation and will continue to use it.  At the end of this journey as we are I am feeling better overall. I am much more positive and peaceful within my self.  This morning I am tired but not as tired as when we began.  Yesterday, I had an energy healing session. I had congested energy around my right ear and jaw.  Also, in the mid back the energy was bunched up.  These areas were balanced and I was completely relaxed.  I feel our sessions allowed these energies to be cleared.  I still have dizziness, the lesion, and muscle spasms with walking.  Howevef these appear to be less bothersome.  (The spasms are still present with walking.)  I missed the personal contact.  Technology is amazing but the personal contact is important also." And four months later, she writes: "I would like you to know as I reread my last email, I realized how much healing I actually received.  I am no longer having muscle spasms on a daily basis.  I have two massages a week and they helping my body to align properly.  In these sessions I have had two major emotional releases.  I think our sessions helped bring this about.  Thank you again very much for your help in my healing journey."


​"Janice, thank you for all your help.  It has been most beneficial and healing.  I will go forth with a renewed mind and heart.  Your channeled messages have been so very accurate. I am printing the messages and will read them over and over.  I send my love to you and support for all the clients you are helping.  You may hear from me in the future if I need more healing.  Thank you again.  In appreciation, Mary."

​Mary Lohr

​"Janice, Thank you for all your attention paid to me recently...Your meditations/visualizatons were very helpful... I do feel thought there is some healing energy coming to me...My fear is subsiding... I can feel my strength and have the will to keep trying! I feel it seeping into my cells!!"

Sherri Hoover

​"I keep forgetting to tell you the most important factor about the work you do.  It seems to be Permanent!"

​Jackie Traverson-Jackie Traverson Designs

​"I initially contacted you regarding my back and hip pain. So this comes to tell you that the pain has dissipated significantly! I do a lot of physical activity living alone on a farm so I sometimes, over do. When I feel soreness I immediately focus positive energy on the area, visualize the pure white tornado coming through my body, and/or just lay on a cold pack.  The pain goes away! These past few weeks are the longest I have been able to go without pain being such a large part of my life. I continue to use your protocol, if not every day, frequently.  I feel lighter, feel like I had heavy weights removed from my body.  I believe I had to do some heavy duty cleansing before I could move on to releasing the pain, and I think there is more work, yet to do.  I have the feelings of new beginnings and am excited about that!  In appreciation for your help and guidance, P.S. I especially loved the burst of energy you moved my way and continue to work on creating my own burst of energy!  Hope you are doing well and growing in your service to mankind!  May a cocoon filled with love always surround you!"

Denise Dickens

​"Your information made me smile. And laugh. And a few AHAAAAAA's since.  It was spot on.  It made me look at things from a different perspective because justice was not a term I have used for my rants. Unfair, manipulative, just plain wrong, justifiable indignation.  It did start when I was young.  Watching treatment of others in the Church.  I fought for justice for my patient's as a nurse. I listened to them. I heard them and fought for them. Now I have retired and am not sure what to do.  My current idea since reading this, is to fight for Mother Earth.  To support her energetically through a meditative process. And a few organizations.  I told my Spirit crew I wanted a reading to be very clear so I would not misunderstand what I needed to know. Thank you for listening to them.""

Patricia Shea

​"Thank you so much for sending me the reading so fast! I only got to read the reading twice and a bit rushed so far.  But I will take it in again and again.  It has a very calming effect on me already.  The feeling of being seen is so heart warming and reassuring.  I  think I never really had that happen to me.  After my busy day I took time to sit in my garden I love the late afternoon sun, it was pure bliss.  I have not felt so content and joyful ever for over an hour just sitting and doing "nothing"! The reading speaks to me almost in a hypnotic way, making me feel guided to go in the direction desired.  It is all said in a way as if it is already so, and I know at the same time there is quite some space for improvement, which I can now go for easily."

​Helga Holtmann

​"Dear Janice, I want to take the time to send you an appreciative thank you for the wonderful restorative process you so generously shared through Dr. Shealy's Newsletter.  I have been a fan of Dr. Shealy for many years and am delighted that he found you and is sharing your gifts with his readers.  The restorative power transmitted through your process stands as a tribute to the work you are doing in the world. Warmly, Susan (McNeal Velasquez)."

​Susan McNeal Velasquez, author of: Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind (website:

​"Janice, I have remained headache free and I love that the work you did continues to bloom within me.  I missed the call in as I had a very full schedule today. I'm in love with your work, Janice, completely.  With the deepest of gratitude."  And five months after the healing work: "I am still headache free and this is amazing for me, as I suffered from severe optic nerve related headaches. It's my hope people who need help find you."


​"Janice has been working with me and my family for many months. During this time she has shown the utmost care and professionalism towards us.  Her commitment to our healing has been phenomenal. She is truly on this journey with us...every step of the way.  We are growing more and more into the people we are intended to be thanks to the energy work and the definitive messages. I can't thank Janice enough for all the work she has done for us."


​"I want to first thank you for all the help you have given me in this message.  You are a pure channel and I am so very impressed.  Your therapy background is surely a wonderful compliment to your service and your intuition at times, was spot on."


​"I re-read this morning your email of my life purpose.  You described my life, experiences and soul EXACTLY, as how I have lived since a small child to present.  I am stunned.  It is spot on.  Something has drastically changed since I first contacted you."


​"This is very insightful and accurate.  Amazing.  And yes, intense.  You are a gift to the world, Janice.  And you have given me a gift today that while intense, it is what I need to keep up as I seek to find more joy and health.  I am feeling so much gratitude from my heart and sending it to you.  Bless you. You are a Wonder."


​"How could she know so well how I think? Thank you very much for taking the time to tap in to where ever that place is you get this information.  It reminds me of Edgar Cayce, whom I admire very much.  He helped so many people."


 "​Janice, I think a lightbulb went on!!! Could it be that my purpose was with me all along???  It just is??  Maybe now I will be aware of it and find ways to sharpen it??  I am getting it."


"I am feeling the shift.  Something huge is shifting for me.  My heart has opened up and it feels good.  Thank you so much.  You are the next Caroline Myss but more warm and fuzzy."


"Thank you Janice.  I have been meditating on those words and ideas.  I have had fantastic success! Thank you."


​"THANK YOU!!! I can't thank you enough.  You have been incredibly helpful.  I was in tears reading this.  Some of it was like she was in my head reading my thoughts."


​"I reached out in a time of crisis when two of my dogs went missing and after hours of searching were unable to find them.  Not only did we find both of the dogs almost exactly where she said thery would be but she was able to give me a response with her suggestion almost immediately after reaching out which made all the difference.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for help in her area of expertise.  I am very pleased with my experience and beyond thankful for her help in getting my beloved dogs back home safely!"


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​​​EEG Results Indicating Healing Ability

​The brain maps below show the EEG restuls of the energetic healing changes I was able to make remotely from 1150 miles away. Dr. Norm Shealy conducted the testing with one of his patients on 8/18/16 at his clinic in Fair Grove, MIssouri.